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We Stand For "Quality - Uniqueness - Innovation - Design & Style"

These values epitomize the essence of our brand's products and accessories.

Our Hopes are that our brands become synonymous with these values.

Our Vision is that our brands become known to all dog and cat owners and that Cool Dog and Cool Cat become everyones preferred choice.

Our Aim is to be the definitive 'one stop shop' supplying products
for dogs with active lifestyles and pampered pussy cats.

Our Promise is that the we will constantly strive to offer exceptional products with which you can treat your pets - they deserve the best of everything.

Our Goal is to provide pet owners with scope for some personal indulgence with our Cool Dog-Extreme and Cool Cat-Style labels - featuring distinctive, creatively styled apparel and accessories - you deserve the best too.

Our Intentions are that as our brands were conceived out of love and passion for our four legged friends and that all aspects of our business should reflect this.

Our Pets inspire and motivate us with the bond which we have with them - they enrich our lives and turn everyday activities into daily adventures.

We wish you and your pets lots of joy and happiness.