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Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1 Aztec Warrior Collar

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Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1 Aztec Warrior Collar


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The K9 Striker Collection

Imagine a dog collar specifically designed to ergonomically integrate looks, comfort, performance and ease-of-use.

The Cool Dog K9 Striker is simply the ultimate dog collar.

Our pioneering design is custom engineered from the most technologically advanced materials available, incorporating many unique features and produced to the highest standards of quality.

"The collar of the future for today’s adventure."

The K9 Striker is available in two technical specifications.

The K9 Striker MK1 is constructed from a high strength, light weight composite polymer plastic, which makes it ideal for both small and large breeds of dog.

The K9 Striker MK2 is constructed from high grade aluminium alloy, making the MK2 slightly heavier but more robust than the MK1 and so more suitable for larger breeds of dog. Each is available in a variety of exclusive designs.

Small 12-15 Inches / 30-38cm - MK1 - 120g | MK2 - 160g
Medium 15-18 Inches / 38-46cm - MK1 - 130g | MK2 - 170g
Large 18-21 Inches / 46-53cm - MK1 - 136g | MK2 - 180g
XLarge 21-24 Inches / 53-61cm - MK1 - 170g | MK2 - 220g

Waterproof Odour Proof Dirt Proof Wash Proof
Anti Fade Anti Rust Anti Rot

The Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection is the ultimate performance dog collar incorporating many unique, innovative and technological features.

Custom engineered and fabricated featuring:

Manufactured with DuPont™ HYTREL TPC-ET
Anti-Shock Absorbent Acti-Flex™ Technology  
Hygiene enhancing VPX-Z20™ formula and SP-CARBON+™ particles
Load Distributing Cortex™ Fabrication
Super Lightweight Nickel Plated VECTOR™ Metal Alloy Hardware
Contoured “Z” Gate Micro Regulates Collar Size 1/10th Inch (2.5mm)
Quick Release Contoured Linx™ Attachment
Secure Lock-Tight Adjustment Locator

Manufactured with DuPont™ HYTREL TPC-ET, a high performance Elastomer Polymer Blend, the Striker is soft and flexible with a supple touch feel while remaining incredibly strong, durable and hygienic.

Adventure proof Mega Element Protection technologies ensure the K9 Striker collection's performance in almost any environment or climate conditions.

Tubular CORTEX™ fabrication evenly distributes pull force across the circumference of the collar whilst ACTI-FLEX™ anti-shock subtly flexes and absorbs pull force under tension.

The added VPX-Z20™ formula and SP-CARBON+™ particles make this already non-porous collar, stain and odour resistant whilst also providing strength and durability. The unique benefits are that it is extremely easy to keep clean and remains looking new for longer if maintained correctly.

All nickel plated VECTOR™ components are produced using innovative metal alloy(s) that are incredibly durable, super lightweight and rust resistant.

The Micro-Adjustment Z-Gate guarantees the perfect fit over your dog's lifetime.

The V-TECH™ Quick Release Attachment consistently delivers ease of use without sacrificing style or security.

The K9 Striker is easily one of the best looking collars available, anywhere. A revolution in collar design.

"The dog collar of the future for today's adventure" - Invented and engineered for excellence in Great Britain.

*Dupont™ Hytrel is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

Technologies incorporated in the design development and construction:




The DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™, The miracles of science™, and DuPont Hytrel® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

Additional Information

Colour No
Sizing Guide

Measuring your dog:

Note: *Please check the size accurately prior to ordering. Return and Exchange terms apply.

Q: How to determine a suitable size (length) of the collar?

A: The biggest misconception is to measure your dog’s old collar and hope that based upon this information you purchase a good fitting collar.

Whilst a measurement obtained this way does provide a reference for the approximate size for your dog’s new collar we would suggest that an accurate measurement is obtained first to prevent ordering the incorrect size and avoid disappointment.


1) Measure your dogs actual neck size - You can measure tightly; there is no need to add a finger or two because all of our collars are adjustable.

2) Select the appropriate size from our sizing chart below allowing for the level of adjustment which your require to provide for a comfortable fit.


3) Select the size to the mid-point of adjustment where possible to allow for the desired degree of looseness which you require. This will allow for maximum adjustability whether to tighten or loosen your dog’s new collar.

Purchasing a collar for an adult dog is the easiest. Healthy fully grown dogs stay the same weight and size range for most of their life, therefore when you purchase a collar for a fully grown dog the adjustments will be minimal and you will probably use only a minor amount of adjustment. 
Some exceptions are dogs with long fur or a lot of fur which go through season grooming and haircuts. For these dogs you should:

FOR MINIMUM ADJUSTMENT - measure the neck circumference right after a haircut.

FOR MAXIMUM ADJUSTMENT - measure the neck circumference when your dog has the longest fur.

Our standard adjustment range is 3 inches (the distance between the smallest and largest adjustment). 3 inches will in most cases cover both states - with or without fur.

 Other exceptions are overweight or underweight dogs. In these cases where you are planning to put your dog on a diet or alternatively have him/her gain weight then you should take into account how this will affect your dogs neck dimensions.

Please note that if you are going to use the collar on its smallest adjustment setting there will be approximately 3 inches of adjustment under the rest of the collar this contours around the inside circumference of the collar.

Another consideration is acquiring a collar for a puppy. If you are purchasing this collar for a puppy please be aware of how your dog’s neck size will change.

The side release buckle and ID ‘V’ tag ring create a centre of gravity which naturally positions the \\\'V\\\' ring in an accessible location.

The X Large sizes feature 2 lead attachment points.

Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1 Aztec Warrior Collar