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The Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection is a revolution in luxury dog collar design.

Scientifically Advanced Designer Dog Collars – This exclusive range of collars for dogs combines performance, revolutionary design, technological advancements and more. At the Cool Dog Club we see this collection of collars as ‘The dog collar of the future for today’s adventure.’

Some of the key features of our luxury collars for dogs include:

• Quick Release Contoured Linx™ Attachment
• Anti-Shock Absorbent Acti-Flex™ Technology
• Load Distributing Cortex™ Fabrication
• Contoured “Z” Gate Adjustment Means
• Super Lightweight Nickel Plated VECTOR™ Metal Alloy Hardware
• Hybrid Multi-Tooth Cam Adjustment Clip
• Secure Lock-Tight Adjustment Locator
• Micro Regulate Collar Size ⅒ Inch (2.5mm) Increments

What better way to express you and your dog’s personality than with a designer collar from the Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection.

Buying a new dog collar is a process all dog owners go through; in some cases, perhaps many times – so we’re aware of some of the kinds of questions you might have when buying a new collar. Things like - how do I fit it? How much should I spend? Which design should I go for? Because buying a dog collar is one of the most important aspects of dog-ownership (keeping them safe and well-behaved), we’ve compiled this list of dog collar buying frequently asked questions to help put your mind at rest with any questions you might have.

Does my dog even need a collar?

By law (yes, legally) you must collar your dog “while on a public highway or in a public place”, in accordance with the Control of Dogs Order 1992. That’s not all though. In addition to wearing a collar, the RSPCA says that owners must ensure that identification and contact details are inscribed on the dog’s collar – or at least “on a plate or badge attached to it.”

You’ll probably be aware of some more localised restrictions where you live too; perhaps dogs are only allowed on beaches with collars at certain times of the year, or maybe in National Parks, for example. These laws are locally enforced by council park wardens and similar officials. Exceptions to the more general Control of Dogs Order 1992 apply to working dogs and registered dogs for the blind.

Perhaps most importantly is that, by using a dog collar, it leaves you – the owner – in control of your dog, not the other way around.

What design features should I look for in a dog collar?

There are some obvious design features that no loving pet owner would dare to let their dog loose without. Whether your dog is small or large, you need to ensure that your dog leads and collar can stand the force of a swift pull or jerk at a moment’s notice – otherwise your dog will be under no control at all.

Ultra-durable and high-quality composite plastic dog collars are most effective at this job. That’s because they’re less likely to fray and be damaged by the usual dirt, cold and moisture that so-often comes with the love of walking our dogs. By the same token, you’ll be needing a quick, reliable clasp or locking mechanism (preferably made of metal over plastic) to prevent your pooch from snapping out when the next cat turns up unexpectedly.

How much should I spend on a new dog collar?

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true even when it comes to dog collars. You can assume that a quality, waterproof, designer dog collar might cost more than your usual lower cost item – because these accessories have been specially designed to excel at their job. From their inception at the design table to the high-tech materials used to create these products (such as those used in our pride and joy, the Cool Dog K9 Striker and K9 Connect Collections), each element of a designer dog collar has been designed with practical use in mind, and maximum quality.

Conversely, cheaper collars might very well do the job but you’re not getting the same high-standards as that of a designer collar. Ironically, repeatedly buying cheaper brands and collars is more,likely to leave you out of pocket over the course of a dog’s lifetime.

Are certain dog collars only right for certain breeds?

This question entirely depends on the dog collar you buy. If you go for a non-adjustable collar, then yes, you’ll need to take your time to make sure that your collar fits your dog perfectly – this includes with ample moving and breathing space. Higher-end collars on the other hand, such as our Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection, are adjustable, so can be fitted to a variety of dogs no matter size or breed. Also, the K9 Striker Collection is available in two technical specifications. The K9 Striker MK1 is constructed from a high strength, light weight composite polymer plastic, which makes it ideal for both small and large breeds of dog. The K9 Striker MK2 is constructed from high grade aluminium alloy, making the Mk2 slightly heavier but more robust than the Mk1 and so more suitable for larger breeds of dog. Each is available in a variety of exclusive designs.

How do I measure a dog collar for my dog?

You can measure your dog’s collar easily by using a traditional tape measure around their neckline and comparing this to a sizing guide (that should be available on the collar manufacturer’s website). In the case of our Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection, there’s no need to panic about size, as all our collar sizes are adjustable (up to around 3 inches). However, you should be mindful when buying any collar when your dog is still a puppy as their neck size will inevitably change.

When adjusting to fit, do make sure that you can get a finger or two's length between the collar and the coat so your dog has enough breathing room.

Does style matter?

In our opinion – absolutely! Looking and feeling good about having your dog out in public is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a dog owner (even when the weather conditions are less than savoury). All of our lines, from our dog collars and leads to our designer walking accessories for owners, come in a range of cool colours and styles to suit all owners.