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The Very Latest in Designer Dog Beds: When you go through the process of choosing the very best luxury dog bed for your family friend it’s important to consider the size, shape, comfort and many other factors including easy washing and robust materials, not to mention the design of the dog bed. It’s also important to think about where your dog bed will sit in your home and how the design, size and even the colour of your dog bed will suit the room (or rooms, if you are likely to spoil your dog with multiple sleeping options in your home). Out range of designer and luxury dog beds come in a range of sizes and include a cushioned dog mattress for comfort, pampering and added support for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

How to find the right bed for your dog

Just like us humans love to retire to our beds after a long day at the office, dogs also take great pleasure in slumping on a warm, cosy mattress when their bodies demand rest. A pooch can spend up to 12 hours of the day sleeping, which is why choosing a high quality dog bed can have a huge impact on their wellbeing. Just like their frequent users, dog beds come in many shapes and sizes. They're designed with a variety of needs, habits and preferences in mind, so it really pays to research every possible choice in order to get a custom fit.

It's not all about the dog either. Homeowners spend thousands of pounds in ensuring that every inch of their interior fits in with an existing theme or particular shade. They need to find a dog bed that compliments its surroundings in the same way that a new sofa or table would. So to guarantee that style, size and comfort are all taken care of, they must devote plenty of time towards sourcing the right product for their pooch.


Perhaps the biggest consideration when choosing a dog bed is size. Not only does the bed need to be big enough to fit the dog's frame, it needs to be able to squeeze into a particular space. For example, the dog might sleep in a crate, an enclosed porch or something equally as snug. On the other hand they might have been lucky enough to have bagged a spot on the bedroom floor, which could mean there's far more room to play with.

Homeowners find the best thing for it is to take two sets of measurements into the selection process; one from the space where the bed is going - usually where the dog already sleeps - and the other from a tail-to-nose measurement of the pet.

Now, some owners like to think they can get away buying a smaller bed because their dogs like to curl up into a ball. While this can't denied, it's also important to give the canine a bit of extra room should they feel like altering their sleeping position. Furthermore, the bed should be able to fit them as an adult, so future growth should also be taken into account.


Owners will find that shape is intrinsically linked to size when selecting a mattress or bed, but it's always important to think about how the dog sleeps in order to properly take care of the former consideration. This stage of the buying process really shouldn't take long to complete. Dogs that like to elongate every limb when they're resting should get the most comfort from a large, rectangular mattress, while those partial to a cuddle up might prefer a circular product. Research in this area is easy, as all the owner needs to do is examine the shape their dog takes when drifting off and find a bed that caters for their position.


Each bed is shaped for a specific type of dog, but with comfort it's a completely different matter. Typically, a high quality dog bed is soft, well-padded and durable. These qualities make the bed comfortable enough to sleep on and able to protect bony prominences around the dog's frame. Simply put, there's no use in buying a dog bed if it's just as firm as the floor its resting on. Owners should strive to find a comfortable product so the dog is encouraged to take a rest on their own bed rather than the sofa, armchair or wherever else they see warm spot.


One area in which compromises often have to be made is lifespan, as the comfiest or warmest bed might not be the most durable.

On top of being the right shape, size and soft enough to rest on, the bed needs to be waterproof in order to receive a good clean every so often. This also comes in handy when the bed is taken into the garden for the dog to enjoy a sleep in the sunshine, only for the rain to start pouring down before it can be taken in. Some products have an inner wrap that prevents moisture from seeping into its material and ruining the core filling. Such features help create a high quality dog bed and should always be considered when comparing products side by side.

In addition, the owner should also see value in choosing a bed that boasts sturdy materials; preferably ones that can't be ripped or shredded by their pet. As soon as the dog realises they can't get through the product, they're likely to switch their attention to something else.


Finally, whatever room it's placed in, the bed must fit with its existing colour scheme. Products in this category come in many shades and designs, so there's no reason why a homeowner wouldn't choose something which matches their decorating tastes.

This could involve pairing a cream dog bed with a matching sofa, or choosing something which fits in with the primary colour of the room. That's not to say there's something wrong with opting for something a little wild. Beds are available in all kids of crazy designs; making them perfect for the outlandish couple.