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They're here! The all NEW K9 Striker Collars and K9 Connect Leads / Leashes

First, the Cool Dog Club would like to say a massive, Thank You, to every single person who has bought one of our first edition Cool Dog K9 Striker collars. The positive feedback has been overwhelming and we have been blown away by the support of some frankly embarrassingly wonderful people who we’ve met along the way. Drunk on good vibes, we decided to see if we could raise the bar...

So, we dashed out with white coats and clipboards and asked all you rather lovely Dog people what you really thought about our collars and scribbled it all down sincerely. We sat around, drank pots of tea, talked about it and even asked Snooky (he’s the strong silent type, though we’re hoping he’ll give us a sign). We discovered that the owners of the larger breeds had very little negative feedback (enough to make any sincere researcher nervous), however, owners of the smaller breeds said that, as much as they fancied the designs, the metal hardware was sometimes too heavy for their little dogs and they just wanted to know if we had anything lighter…

So, after we received our new, top secret prototype collars back from our crack team of engineer warrior monks, we battled them over revisions until, finally, only the worthy remained..

You asked, so here they are.


28 new designs over 2 hardware specifications.

The all new Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1 and MK2.

First, the new high strength, light weight composite polymer plastic Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1.  Now, the weight of the MK1 has been dramatically reduced while still retaining much of the impressive original design strength.  You can click the images for larger versions.


Here, Michael Doglas leads the charge in his dutiful 'K9 Tactical' while Catherine Zeta Bones looks formidable in her primal 'Zebra'.


Next, the effortlessly beautiful Khashaa contemplates her own magnificence while in her 'Charm Pink'.


If you can manage to wind your tongue back in, on with the Cool Dog K9 Striker MK2. Available in all the same designs as the MK1, the MK2 features the original beautifully polished metal hardware. While the reassuring weight and quality is intended for middle sized breeds and up, these high strength, exquisitely aesthetic collars are for the true connoisseurs among you.


Once again, Khashaa has taken time out of her busy schedule to grace us with her work. Here, she joins the other stars in the sky with her 'Constellation Pink' in MK2 metal hardware.


Finally, Khashaa shows her versatility by making the more masculine 'Charm Blue' work for her, again in MK2 metal hardware.


Click this text to checkout the complete Cool Dog K9 Striker Collection.

Now, as if the arrival of the new Cool Dog K9 Striker MK1 and MK2 wasn't enough to get you to spin around 3 times, we have also just completed a few of our much anticipated, all new, Cool Dog K9 Connect Lead collection.

The Cool Dog K9 Connect Lead collection exhibits the pioneering Rapide Speed Express Ejector Clip, featured in both black and polished metal, which couples perfectly with any of the Cool Dog K9 Striker Collar collection.

0591d-d polishedclip

The K9 Connect Ranger is the first installment in our Cool Dog K9 Connect Lead collection and features the pioneering Rapide Speed Express Ejector Clip in black scratch resistant PVD, as well as a selection of 5 different handle colours.


Finally, for the moment, we also have the Cool Dog K9 Connect Ranger 360.  On top of the 5 different handle colours, this lead also features a 360 degree swivel located at the base of the handle to eliminate tangles, as well as the pioneering Rapide Speed Express Ejector Clip in a polished metal finish.


Click this text to checkout the Cool Dog K9 Connect Lead / Leash Collection.

And, for a limited time only, we're offering FREE postage and packaging on all collars and leads.

Biscuits for all.

We still have some tinkering to do before we’re ready to unleash on to the Dog World the Cool Dog K9 Connect Neo Flex lead and the masterpiece that will be our Cool Dog K9 Connect Pro Tech but we certainly hope that you like what you see. Why not connect with us at our Facebook page and let us know what you think? https://www.facebook.com/cooldogclub

Watch this space! :D

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